A woman is pleading for help after a purse containing pictures of her deceased father was stolen in Wimbledon town centre.

Janice Ware was saying goodbye to a friend outside the Centre Court entrance just before 2pm yesterday when she came to the heartbreaking realisation.

"It hardly had any money in it," she told the Wimbledon Guardian.

"But it did have laminated pictures of my late dad.

"I can't replace them either as my mum died last January."

The 68-year-old wasn't able to get a look at the person who stole the purse, but hopes it was dumped somewhere nearby.

"I also walk with a stick so even if I had seen anyone take it I couldn't have given chase," she said.

"My hope is that when they discover there were only coins in the purse, no notes, they dropped it or binned it - that is the only way there is a chance of getting the pictures back."

As well as the head and shoulders pictures of her father were her freedom pass, which she is now in need of.

"Should anyone find the purse dumped please could they hand it in," Jan said.

"It has been reported at Wimbledon police station."