Bring back Ricky John.

That is the message being spread by thousands of people after the Mitcham singer was voted off X Factor.

Ricky told the Wimbledon Guardian he was disappointed he couldn't show off more of his talents while on the show.

"It was a major let-down," he said.

"I had a lot more to give the show and I was only just getting started."

But every story has a silver lining.

Since his abrupt departure there has been an outpouring of support. This included a campaign on Twitter called #BringBackRickyJohn which gained wide-spread attention, even going so far as to trend higher than Kim Kardashian at one point.

The father of two said all the love shown to him has really boosted his spirits

"The support makes me feel amazing," he said.

"Everywhere I go there are people tooting out of cars shouting 'it's a travesty'. It's been lovely."

Back home those same sentiments are held as well.

Angela Shipgood was walking through the park in Lavender Fields with a group of friends just days after Ricky's exit and was shocked to see the budding star walking towards them.

What happened next set their hearts aflutter.

"He stopped to chat and was a really friendly, lovely guy," Angela said.

"Then he goes 'would you like me to sing for you' and of course we were delighted. It's not really the norm when you're out walking your dog."

She said it was this kind-hearted act that had her so disappointed to see him leave the show.

"He didn't have to stop and talk to us," Angela said.

"But he chatted for 20 minutes, maybe longer. There is just so much community support and hopefully he finds his way back onto the show somehow."

Ricky still holds that same hope.

"I've got two beautiful daughters and I just want the best life possible for them," he said.

"If anyone wants to write to Simon Cowell or voice their support I would be so happy."