A 99 home development in Raynes Park has been approved, but not all are happy about it.

The contentious plans for Kingston Road were first submitted to Merton Council back in 2016 and consists of two blocks of up to four and six storeys, include a mixture homes ranging from studio apartments to five-bedroom duplexes, all above shops.

In recommending the plans for approval back in February, a planning officers wrote: "The application presents opportunities in the form of delivering employment opportunities, the delivery of much needed housing and affordable housing.

"The long since cleared site presents an opportunity for a well considered proposal. The scheme responds positively to the surrounding context in terms of massing, heights, layout, architectural cues and materials and is considered to make a positive contribution to the street scene."

But Dundonald ward Councillor David Dean says more could have been done to meet the needs of people in the area.

“There should have been a better mix of homes, including houses, and there are likely to be more cars than parking spaces," he said.

"I wanted to see more space for trees, too."

Despite there being 99 homes, only 36 car parking spaces (12 disabled) were set out in the plans.

Instead it seems developers have opted for a more cycle-oriented space with 224 of those to be built.

"There is a great need for housing, and Merton Council have the ability to ensure developers provide schemes that fit the needs of locals," Mr Dean said.

"This one is yet another that is simply not relevant to residents’ requirements.”

The site has been vacant for nearly a decade.