With concern about the rollout of the new bins rife in Merton, it seems one man is confident the new system will be a success.

It just so happens that man is leader of Merton Council, Stephen Alambritis.

In the weeks leading up to the new bin collection, opinions were divided.

People were not just confused about the necessity of the new scheme, but also worried the company in charge of carrying the task out, Veolia, wasn't up for the job.

But Mr Alambritis believes the recycling and financial goals that come with the new plan will be met.

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"I am still concerned about Veolia's performance and I have been strong with them about the need to improve performance," he said.

"I'm not concerned that they won't be able to meet the targets though."

The council is hoping that through the new system, recycling rates in the borough will rise from 37 per cent to 45 per cent, while also saving £1.6 million a year.

"The main reason for the new bin service is to catch up with other boroughs," he said.

"This isn’t us going on a frolic of our own, neighbouring boroughs have them, so we aren't doing anything radical or revolutionary."

He conceded that while some might not like the look of their gardens or streets with bins strewn across them, the money saved tops those concerns.

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"Say you've got a lovely house and a front garden which you have worked on for years to make it look good, you don't want wheelie bins messing that up," he said.

"And quite rightly you are concerned and I hear and appreciate that.

"But then you have another family whose mum is in hospital and needs to go back to her home.

"We owe a duty to make sure she can go back to her house.

"Our priority is to look after vulnerable people, and the savings will help with that."