A Raynes Park family has had a lucky escape following a hit and run right outside their house.

Now husband Davide Buttaci is pleading with Merton Council to do something about what he believes to be the problem.

Yesterday morning (October 4), a car "bashed" into a tree outside Mr Buttaci's home in Elm Walk.

He was working from home at the time and said it was lucky his wife and kids were at church, otherwise things could have been a lot worse.

"Lucky my car wasn’t parked in the driveway, the tree didn’t fall towards my house or people weren’t walking there," he said.

"Nobody event stopped to tell us."

He says ever since gas works began on Grand Drive, more and more people have been driving down his "narrow" street.

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Now he is appealing for Merton Council to help prevent further accidents from happening.

"There is a constant stream of traffic coming now," he said.

"I've asked the council to put up 'slow' or 'please drive carefully' signs, but nothing so far."

This isn't the first time the gas works have caused outrage either.

In September a video captured some less than ideal driving down the main road, right outside St John Fisher Primary School.

At the time, Merton Council’s cabinet member for regeneration, environment and housing, Councillor Martin Whelton said they would work closely with SGN and police to ensure the area was safe to travel through.

Although there are no signs of the signs Mr Buttaci asked for, he said the council did say they would remove the tree in a quick manner.

Merton Council have been approached for comment.