The worst parts of Merton for drugs related crime have been revealed.

The latest figures recorded by the Metropolitan Police show that of the 1587 crimes reported in the borough for the month of July (the most up to date figures), only 33 of them were classed as "drugs related" by the Met Police

The statistics are broken down into 14 categories, ranging from burglary, to possession of weapons, to arson.

For the 20 different policing boroughs six did not see a single reported drug offence throughout the month.

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St Helier and Abbey wards had the most of these particular crimes with 4 apiece.

Click on the photos above to browse through the total reported crime numbers for each Merton police ward borough for July and also where in those areas the offences took place.

Below is a breakdown of every police ward in Merton, ranked from most drugs related crimes to least, with with total number of crimes reported in the area also listed:

  • St Helier 4/99
  • Abbey 4/108
  • Longthornton 3/59
  • Pollards Hill 3/92
  • Colliers Wood 3/115
  • Cricket Green 3/143
  • Hillside 2/49
  • Dundonald 2/68
  • Ravensbury 2/77
  • Wimbledon Park 2/74
  • Trinity 2/127
  • Village 1/61
  • Lavender Fields 1/63
  • Figge’s Marsh 1/132
  • Lower Morden 0/41
  • West Barnes 0/45
  • Raynes Park 0/49
  • Cannon Hill 0/50
  • Graveney 0/61
  • Merton Park 0/74