It has been a long time coming for Rosemary Raggett, but she will finally get a chance to see herself on the big screen.

That is because the 93-year-old Morden woman has landed her first major film role.

She auditioned for the role in World War 1 film 'Eleven' when she got wind that producers were looking for an actress to play the role of 100-year-old Margaret Jones.

Rosemary’s scene is set in the present day and sees her visiting the grave of her father, played in a bizarre twist of fate by her son-in-law, actor Richard Dee-Roberts.

Richard plays Archie Jones in the movie and put her forward for the role when he heard the producers were looking for a suitable actress.

“As soon as I started to film her self-tape audition I was sure she would get the part," he said.

"It was instantly touching, moving and very real.

"Her performance will blow everyone away.”

He also joked that he wouldn’t be surprised if she won a ‘best newcomer’ award for her performance.

The movie will come out later this year.