For Alexandra Green, the past 48 hours have been awful.

But it is nothing compared to what her pet dog has been going through.

You see, Poppy was hit by a van while she was running on the road by Wimbledon Common, just before 2pm on Monday.

"The man that hit her was very nice and did come to the vets to see if we were okay afterwards," Ms Green said.

"But at the time I was in so much shock and hyperventilation that I did not take his details down."

She said Poppy is now being treated at Supervets who thankfully managed to save her leg.

But she will still require extensive treatment because of open wounds and loss of bone and ligaments.

"I have insurance but it is not going to cover all the costs," Ms Green said.

"I need to find the man who hit her because of insurance and all those costs.

"Any help would be so much appreciated. It has been an awful 48hrs and I didn’t know if she was going to make it."

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