Ever since the new crop of bins started to be delivered, people have cried out for them to be taken away.

But not all are upset by the change.

Colliers Wood woman Sally Rance was delighted in fact, to see the new addition to her garden.

"I think it will help clean up the place," she said.

"They should help reduce the amount of rubbish that the foxes can get into, compared to when people would just be putting bags out."

She also thinks it will encourage more people to recycle.

But even she admits some might find the situation a little harder to deal with.

"I knew the bins would be big and I’m fortunate to have a garden that could fit them in," she said.

"I appreciate that if people are living in flats then four wheelie bins which are quite large could cause a problem.

"I know certainly up the road that foxes would get into the plastic bags and there would be nappies and everyday rubbish all around the streets.

"Let's just hope that everyone can get used to them."