A group of Travellers disobeying requests to leave might soon be ordered to by a judge.

Last week, pictures of a massive fly-tip left in Cannon Hill emerged, days after the encampment arrived.

Police and the council assured that they were working to remove the occupants from the area and remove the waste.

A Merton Council spokeswoman has since said that the Travellers were asked to leave the area. But this request was seemingly ignored as they remain.

“Where there is an illegal encampment on council land, we follow a strict legal process and the travellers at Cannon Hill Common were served notice and asked to leave by Saturday, September 1," she said.

"As they have failed to do so, we are now applying for a court order.

"We take a zero-tolerance approach to people who fly-tip and where there is sufficient evidence we will prosecute.”

The council will be going to court on Thursday to obtain the order.