Elys is about to get even bigger.

The Wimbledon department store has sat in Alexandra Road at the corner of Worple road for more than a century.

During that time it has undergone many an expansion, none more prevalent that when it moved into the adjoining vacant properties during the 1960s after a fire in the furniture warehouse destroyed hundreds of customer goods.

Morleys Stores Group acquired Elys in 1996 and the store underwent another major refurbishment and introduced "top end" brands with the aim of attracting new types of shoppers.

Now it is set to expand once more.

In a planning application to allow the store to put up a new hoarding sign on the building next door, it noted that "the adjacent store is soon to be vacated by 'Ryman' and is then to be occupied by the department store 'Elys', as an extension to their current store which faces onto Wimbledon Hill Road."

The store will then use the new space for its 'urban beauty' department.

The store is hoping that the new sign will help shape the look of the area.

"The vertical panel of brickwork, rather than defining the extent of 'Elys' store, now becomes a somewhat unsightly visual interruption to the extended store frontage," the application continued.

"To address this it is proposed to apply a full height vinyl skin sign to the panel of brick, in the process masking the vertical window.

"This will help to visually link the proposed new store front to the principle store frontage and will also balance with the existing vinyl skin signs at the middle and far end of the full height glazed store frontage.

"The design of the signage is consistent with other retail signage adorning adjacent buildings and is aesthetically harmonious with the style and branding of the existing 'Elys' store front."