There ain't no party like a Romanian part 'cause a Romanian party don't stop...or at least that is the hope for one Morden restaurant.

Time in Ro, in Abbotsbury Road, has submitted a licensing application to Merton Council that if approved, would allow it to start serving alcohol at 8am every day and not stop until 4.30am and 5am, Saturday and Sunday mornings.

But the restaurant's part-owner says there is a good reason for it.

"Back in the day for a Romanian wedding, people would party for three days straight," Mario Prisecaru said.

"Nowadays for traditional parties people like to go until 5 in the morning."

As well as serve alcohol until the times mentioned, the application would allow the performance of dance, the playing of live and recorded music and even plays to occur.

Coinciding with the new proposal, Time in Ro will also be closing for three weeks while it undergoes renovations to prepare it for the "new formula."

Once re-open it won't just be Romanians who will be allowed to party into the early hours.

"We cater to all types of people," Mr Prisecaru said.

"We can accommodate other parties as well as those traditional ones."