A Mitcham woman is furious by the state of her local "toxic soup" which has been masquerading as a pond for years.

Julia Harries lives near Three Kings Pond and is ashamed to see what she says was once a beautiful area become riddled with waste.

"Swans, geese and ducks all breed on the pond and yet the water is a toxic soup," she said.

"Wimbledon of course has beautiful flower baskets while Mitcham, the poor relation, sees its only pretty thing left to rot."

She was encouraged two years ago when the pond - which is currently maintained by Idverde - was drained and renovated.

But old habits die hard and the pond has once again filled with everything from plastic bags to soft drink cans.

"Apart from the wildlife, people take their children to feed the birds," she said.

"If any of them fell in the water I hate to think of the consequences.

"The council spent thousands renovating the pond two years ago but now it is like a swamp."

Merton Council agrees.

A Council spokeswoman said the state of the pond must be better looked after in the future.

"It is completely unacceptable that the Three Kings Pond has been left in this condition," she said.

"We have spoken to our contractor Idverde, who is responsible for maintaining the pond and they are sending a team to clear the pond."

She said the council will make sure to keep a closer eye on the waste collection company, but added that some of the blame must fall on those visiting the area.

"Our neighbourhood client officers who monitor the work of our contractors, regularly visit the pond and will continue to monitor the pond to make sure Idverde are keeping it clear and litter free," she said.

"The public can also do their bit by using the litter bins around the pond.”