A group of schoolkids were left disappointed after their sports carnival was postponed due to "rancid smelling bin bags and toilets overflowing."

Ursuline High School arrived at the Wimbledon Athletics Track on June 29, eager to tackle the day's events.

But as headteacher Julia Waters put it, there were some "less than favourable conditions" greeting them.

"The toilets were blocked and not working, there were health and safety issues with a crane near the field and the bins were overflowing," she said.

"The students and parents were very disappointed at the fact we had to postpone the sports day.

"Unfortunately we can't go back to the park now because of the tennis championships."

The athletics field's maintenance services are managed by Idverde on behalf of Merton Council and one parent, who did not wish to be named, said it was a "truly disgusting" sight to see.

"They have failed to provide basic facilities to students and staff for their sports day," the parent said.

"While the management company and local authority appear to concern themselves with preparations for hosting Wimbledon tennis, the basic needs of children in their home borough are being disgracefully neglected."

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The council agreed that the service on this occasion wasn't up to scratch.

"It is completely unacceptable that the athletics stadium was not cleared of rubbish, and drainage left dirty and leaking, in good time for the Ursuline sports day," a council spokeswoman said.

"Our contractor, Idverde, who took the booking for the day and had full charge of the site’s cleanliness, have apologised and have arranged with the school for the sports day to take place on a different day, free of charge.”

Indeed the school's sports day will go ahead, albeit a week late.

Ms Waters said the waste collection company did apologise and offered to refund the money for the lost sports day, as well as pay for this Friday's rescheduled event in Kings Meadow in Kingston.