People have travelled hundreds of miles and camped for days on end, all for a chance to grab the best seats Wimbledon has to offer.

The annual migration to the tennis tournament has attracted so much attention this year that #TheQueue has even been making its way around social media.

But what drives a person to give up the comfort of their home and take up residence in Wimbledon Park?

Well 33-year-old Monique Hefti travelled all the way from Massachusetts, USA, to pitch up a tent at this year's event and it paid off as she grabbed the second spot in the que as a result.

“Wimbledon is part of my annual pilgrimage to visit family in Switzerland” She said.

Guaranteed centre court tickets tomorrow, she is looking forward to seeing fellow Swiss, Roger Federer.

Andy Murray, yes, that’s his real name and no, it isn't the tennis star, travelled from Liverpool to get his spot and arrived at 11:30pm on Friday, June 29.

A queue first-timer, he has found the atmosphere unlike anything else in his life.

"It’s not a queue, it’s a big, fun, moving campsite,” he said.

Andy’s must-have item to survive the queue is his beer bucket for ice.

But the prize everyone was hoping for - a spot at the head of the queue - went to 24-year-old tennis-mad fan Darius Platt-Vowles.

He travelled 115 miles from Nailsworth, Gloucestershire and pitched up at 2pm on Friday.

Unsurprisingly this isn't Darius' first go-round.

He has camped out in the queue five times before, but this year, determined to get the number one spot, he arrived a whole three days ahead of the first bit of play.

Camping for two nights and enduring temperatures as high as 28 degrees, Darius enjoyed pride of place at the very front of the Wimbledon Queue in order to bag himself the most coveted centre court tickets for opening day.

He described the whole wait as a "friendship dating experience" and you can expect to see him in amongst it for the duration of the tournament.

At the close of play each day, Darius, as well as many, many more, will pack up their things, head out to Wimbledon Park and wait in line all over again.