Tackling "excessive" tube noise at South Wimbledon must be a priority says Leonie Cooper.

The London assembly member for Merton and Wandsworth has penned a letter to newly appointed Deputy Mayor for Transport, Heidi Alexander imploring her to come down and see first hand what residents are being asked to put up with on a near daily basis.

"I am writing to ask for you, along with appropriate staff from TfL, to accompany me on an urgent visit to South Wimbledon tube station," Ms Cooper's letter read.

"I have had many complaints by email, phone and on the doorstep about the excessive tube noise that trains are making around the South Wimbledon tube station area.

"I have also had complaints that not only relate to outside the station, but to inside the carriages themselves, especially on underground trains heading south."

Ms Cooper said the introduction of the Night Tube had led to an increase in complaints, with some residents experiencing noise throughout the night on the two days the Night Tube runs.

“It’s clear that excessive tube noise is taking its toll on local people, and we need to take action quickly," she said.

“Whilst there have been clear benefits from the introduction of the night tube for our community, it has also meant that noise disrupts local residents all night over the weekend."

In the letter she also asked for an update on what is being done to mitigate the noise

Ms Alexander has been contacted for comment.