A new domestic abuse service will open in Morden this week amidst fears the Fifa World Cup will bring out the worst in some people.

Victim Support’s independent community domestic abuse service will run a drop in service during the football tournament at the Merton Civic Centre

Senior service delivery manager at Victim Support, Jenny Mannion-Krase said: “International sporting events can be a cause for great celebration, community and unity, but they can also involve emotional highs and lows, tensions and disagreements, and often plenty of alcohol.

“If there’s already abuse or violence happening in a relationship, sometimes the frustration or elation combined with the influence of alcohol can tip things over from bad to worse.

"That’s why Victim Support, in partnership with Safer Merton, is offering an additional, confidential and discreet domestic abuse drop-in during the world cup.”

The service will be open between 9am to 5pm on weekdays from June 14 to July 13.

Anyone attending the Civic Centre main reception or housing front desk can discreetly ask to see an independent domestic violence advocate who they can talk to privately.