Despite more than 50 objections a prep school will get an extension.

On Thursday, June 7 Merton Council’s planning panel approved a two-storey extension at The Study in Camp Road.

It is based at Wilberforce House, where a grade two listed octagonal shaped building forms the centre of the school.

Girls aged four to seven years old are based here with the rest of the school based half a mile away at Spencer House, in Peek Crescent.

The 1,263 sq m extension is set to include six classrooms, a library, new cloakrooms, specialist group rooms and a multipurpose hall with 160 retractable seats.

The application received 53 objections and 25 letters of support.

Among the objections was from the Wimbledon and Putney Commons Conservators who said the plans were “intrusive and inappropriate” and that they were detrimental to the public enjoyment of the commons.

The  Wimbledon Common West Residents’ Association also objected, stating that they are “by no means nimby” in their attitude but think the development would alter the skyline.

An objection letter said: “The proposed building is industrial in its scale and is totally unsuited to the area. Its height, mass and position will have a terrible effect on the conservation area.”

But comments in favour included that the extension would improve the listed building and it would enhance the quality of education at the school.

At Thursday’s meeting, head teacher Susan Pepper said: “The study has 190 pupils.

Most live nearby so are a significant part of the community.

“We desperately need the space in order to provide lunch, dance, PE and music. “We can ensure there are no plans to expand the school.”

Some objections submitted to the plans expressed concerns that if there was an increase of pupils traffic in the area would be affected.

“We have listened to our neighbours and have made significant changes to the scheme,” the head added. 

The plans were approved by the council and must go ahead within three years.