There are some Saturday nights when the week has worn us out and we are tempted to switch off our phones, snuggle with kids and give our undivided attention to the sofa and the marathon of Britain's Got Talent! This was one of those days.

I wondered how I could muster the energy to celebrate one of the biggest Merton events of the year at The Mayor of Merton's Masquerade Charity Ball.

I have grown to love the Mayor of Merton, as we have shared so many joyous times together raising money for charities and marking celebrations in the borough. After a year on her speed dial, only I know how much I will miss her. 

However, the frantic week of work and kids left little time to organise an outfit suitable for the Masquerade Ball. It was too late to hit the shops and my kids were in no mood to be bribed to come with me, so I searched my wardrobe for something suitable. Bingo! My mum bought me a black sparkly number which was something out of The Birdcage movie if worn anywhere other than a glamorous ball. 

I sent a photo of it to my Fairy Godmother – the award winning milliner Edwina Ibbotson and faster than a wand could wave, an Uber pulled outside my door with an enormous hat box. Never knowing what Edwina has chosen for me, I opened the box with anticipation and excitement. Inside was ‘The Black Butterfly’, the most incredible masquerade creation I'd ever seen. It certainly injected the adrenaline needed to wave farewell to the kids and sofa.

Jason Burrill, (last years Big Brother winner) was kind enough to take me. Waiting patiently outside with Founder of Celeb FC; Karin Flower, I immediately realised that with this mask and heels I was going to have to carefully navigate my own head!

Walking into the room, I felt quite cleverly disguised. Until the umpteenth time I had been addressed as ‘Lady Wimbledon’. Photos were quite an experience, well certainly for the people standing next to me, providing lots of tickles, giggles and faces for the camera.

There was a moment that grabbed my full attention. A golden yellow light in the room. I looked in awe as people’s faces around the light glowed with happiness. It was the Mayor of Merton, Marsie Skeete; and she looked glorious.

I couldn't have felt more blessed than to be there and witness such a radiant light. It was the same light that had lit up Merton this last year, it was the same light that has warmed my heart at events we shared, yet this time that same light was dressed in yellow and sparkled around the room as she greeted her guests. Admittedly she did scream when she saw me, although it may have been the mask that tickled her as we embraced with smiles.

We soon, took to our tables and I will thrilled my dear friend Karine Torr and her daughter Malory, who was performing that evening were already pouring the drinks.

I wish I could list all the wonderful people I caught up with that evening and I wish I could remember all the speeches. What I do remember apart from dancing to ‘Get Lucky’ with Marsie, as I held her yellow train, was the whole room singing Happy Birthday to Marsie's dear grandfather who had flown in especially to experience the same light as all of us that evening.

As the evening drew to a close, I sat at the edge of the room with my mask placed on top of my head and I just watched for a while. Never had I known such a strong, kind woman who no matter how she felt, put on her highest heels and biggest smile to those who grew to expect nothing less. I did shed a few tears that evening, not just from the pure awe of Marsie Skeete, but the memories we share, the friendship we keep and the end to one beautiful chapter. 

See you on the other side of your Mayorship, my friend.