The results of the election are in and it was Labour that came out on top in Merton with a majority win.

Of the 60 seats up for election, 34 went to Labour, 17 to the Conservatives, six to the Lib Dems and three for Merton Park Independent Residents.

But despite the comprehensive win for Labour, it was the story of one Lib Dem councillor that has taken the borough by storm.

In 2014, Paul Kohler was badly beaten by burglars in his own home, which left him with severe facial injuries.

He has since become a staunch campaigner for keeping a police station in Wimbledon and even decided to throw his hat in the election ring for the seat of Trinity.

As it turns out, his determination paid off as he was elected with the most votes for the ward.

“I am humbled by the support I received from the residents of Trinity," he said.

"I want to thank everyone who voted for me or supported my campaign, and assure each and every constituent that I will repay their faith by working tirelessly as their councillor.

"Our biggest obstacle was proving to the electorate the Lib Dems not a wasted vote.

"We ran a positive campaign and proved if people vote for whom they want, rather than against those they fear, we can introduce a more positive approach to politics in Merton."

He said with his new position he will continue the fight against police station closures.

“I stood for election as I wanted to be able to make a difference in my local community, and to stand alongside Trinity residents in putting them at the heart of the decisions that affect our locality," he said.

"With a strong Lib Dem presence now on Merton Council we will be able to push even harder to fight the closure of Wimbledon Police Station."

Mr Kohler was one of 23 new councillors elected into office this year, a fact that leader of the council Stephen Alambritis said was a good thing.

"We’re sad to lose some very able councillors not just in Labour but across the board, either because they lost or stepped down," he said.

"It’s important to say thank you because it is a job where someone wants to make a difference, no matter the party.

"There are new councillors from all walks of life coming on with new ideas and all you can say is it's good for democracy."