A South Wimbledon corner shop wants the ability to sell alcohol until 2am every day of the week.

At the moment, Wimbledon Food N Wine in Merton High Street can only open from 7am-11pm.

But if a licensing application submitted to Merton Council gets approved, the shop would then be allowed to stay open until two in the morning, and sell alcohol the entire time.

There would be a few extra provisions placed on the shop though.

One would be that on Friday and Saturday evenings, there must be a minimum of two members of staff on duty from 11pm whilst the shop is open to the public.

The other change would change what type of alcohol the store can sell.

At the moment, the store can only sell beer, lagers or ciders with a maximum of 5.5 per cent alcohol by volume.

Under the new proposal, that would increase to 6.5 per cent.