Work to fix a "deteriorating" major road in Wimbledon and Putney Commons is set to commence.

A little more than £50,000 was raised last year to resurface Inner Windmill Road and make it safer to use.

The park's chief operations manager, Steve Bound, said work would begin any day now.

"The Inner Windmill Road has been deteriorating for some time, to the extent that it has become difficult to use, not only for those with disabilities, but also people with pushchairs, joggers, cyclists and walkers," he said.

"It's very badly potholed and at the moment you have to dodge puddles all the way to make your way down there.

"I cycle to work and it feels like you have to ride twice the distance to avoid the potholes.

"The planned work will resolve this problem – hopefully for many years to come."

Construction was meant to begin today (April 30), however the recent wet weather has pushed the date back a bit.

But Mr Bound said not to worry as the rain can't last forever.

"The contractor will be removing debris which has built up on the surface of the road, digging up and rolling the existing track, then adding new stone to create a cambered surface, to allow water to drain off the road.

"They will also be digging channels in the verges to aid drainage.

"There will be large machinery operating long the length of the road whilst the work is being undertaken.

"For this reason, we will need to close the road until the resurfacing is completed."

The road will be closed for about two weeks.

"We will be putting out leaflets with maps of alternative routes to use, particularly for cyclists, during this closure," Mr Bound said.

"We will make sure people are still able to get from A to B while the works take place.