Police in Wimbledon can now forcibly remove kids as old as 16 from the town centre following reports of fighting between "rival" schools.

A school dispersal zone was put into place this afternoon (April 25) due to a "rise in youth violence between children from a collection of local schools."

Merton Police took to Facebook to announce the decision.

"Rowdy groups of children have been reported fighting between each other and causing an anti-social environment in public areas," they said.

"The schools with children involved are working in partnership with our safer schools teams and in the most part have been quick to act to find the children and discipline them appropriately.

The dispersal zone enables us to remove children under 16 to a place where they live or a place of safety. So we will be removing all the kids involved."

The post quickly garnered people's attention as it was shared more than 100 times only a few hours after being put up.

"Well done Merton Police," one person wrote.

"What you have to deal with on a daily basis is just shocking and sad.

"What is the future of the country with school kids that behave like this."