A mother who set up a perfume brand for teens in Wimbledon helping them to chose what scent they love has won ‘Small Business Sunday’ recognition.

Kate Wright, a lawyer and owner of Cally King, set up the business after seeing a gap in the market.

Kate has always found perfume irresistible but has always found it daunting looking for the right scent and also began to think about how her teenage daughter would navigate the market.

She said: “I dreamed up the idea for the business when I saw that there’s a real problem in newcomers to perfume, trying to work out what they like.

“I was visiting a perfumery client and was in her salon with my daughter and we were shown different scents for a new range she was proposing and I became completely overwhelmed with all the scents.

“If I find this hard, how will my teenage daughter ever navigate her way through the perfume world?

“Let’s face it, shop assistants in beauty halls have better things to do than indulge teens investigating what smells they like.”

Cally King is a luxury perfume set with four distinct core fragrances, scent strips and a notebook which helps you choose your signature scent.

The perfume has been available for six months in perfume shop Senti on Church road in Wimbledon.

Cally King’s details have now been tweeted to Theo Paphitis’ 500k followers.

On being selected Kate said: “It’s been great, it has raised our online profile a lot. It has opened up links to many other small businesses and gives us another shop window that is exclusive to all Small Business Sunday winners.

“I have combined work with researching perfumiers, manufacturer and boxes testing everything including the name on different focus groups of teenage girls along the way.

“Now we have our finished product we are thrilled.”

Theo Paphitis, who created the Small Business Sunday, said: “We are thrilled to welcome new SBS members every week and highlight just how important it is to support our small businesses here in the UK.”

Small Business Sunday was created by Theo Paphitis in October 2010 and each week, Theo rewards small businesses that tweet him and describe their business in one tweet.

He reviews and chooses his favourite six and Sally King was one of the businesses he recognised.

To find our more about the perfume visit: https://www.callyking.com