Fans of a Wimbledon hairdressers will have to look elsewhere for bleaches and buns as the salon will soon be turned into a cosmetic surgery clinic.

At the moment Strands occupies the building at 171 Arthur Road, but after planning permission was granted by Merton Council to change the use of the shop, it will go from cutting hair to removing tattoos.

Ace Pace Training & Recruitment will be in charge of the new business and a planning statement said that the company it intends to use the business to train a new batch of nurses and clinicians.

"Ace Pace Recruitment assist in finding employment for all of our students that train with us with a system that prioritises vacancies to those that have qualified through us from either a long-term training course or a short-term course," the statement said.

"Out of this was birthed The Wimbledon Clinic which was created to expand into the non-invasive hair and body aesthetical treatment.

"All the staff members are and will be trained for the provision of highest level of treatment and patient care."

The list of treatments that will be on offer at the clinic include semi-permanent make up, laser hair removal treatments and even tattoo removal.

"Laser treatments for aesthetics, or beauty purposes as it is sometimes known, is becoming increasingly popular and has been, to a large extent, pioneered by laser hair removal procedures," the statement said.

"More recently a number of other laser treatments have emerged but relatively few organisations offer a full range of services under one roof."

But the hair salon won't be gone forever.

The granted application is only a temporary basis, meaning five years after the laser clinic opens it will be redeveloped back to its roots.