Keen historians are being invited to join a march to mark 100 years since the first meeting was held to begin the story of the Wimbledon Merton and Morden Labour Party.

To commemorate the event, there will be a march at St Andrew’s Church Hall, Herbert Road in Wimbledon Friday, April 6 at 6pm where the inaugural meeting was held at William Morris House, The Broadway where the Wimbledon Labour party has its current headquarters.

During the event there will be a short presentation.

Chairman of William Morris House Paul Walker said: “It is a notable event for people in Wimbledon, there is a lot of local history with the Wimbledon suffragettes and there are a lot of people who played an important part in the history of Wimbledon.

“People are interested in local history and we would welcome them to come.”

On April 6,1918 at St Andrew’s Church Hall a meeting was convened by the Wimbledon District Trades and Labour council to set up the local Labour Party group. Founding members included workers from William Morris’s Merton Abbey Works, the Reverend Drew Roberts, Vicar of St Andrew's, Rose Lamartine Yates, Tom Braddock and George Savage.

At the meeting, Mr E T Dennis moved a motion to set up the Wimbledon, Merton and Morden Labour Party and George Hawtin was elected Secretary.