Angry residents are calling for an urgent clean up of a park in Mitcham saying it is in a ‘terrible state’

Rowan Park was built four years ago by Crest Nicholson on the site of the former Rowan High School in Rowan Road.

Daniel Weir, 37, a resident of Rowan Park housing development, which is next to the public park, said: “There are dead trees, litter everywhere, the pond is overgrown and worse the kids play area has all the doggy bags as there are no other bins.

“Residents were promised the park would be maintained when we moved but that has not been the case.

“We had been promised ‘The concept of sustainable design ... embodied throughout Rowan Park’ a safe and attractive place to live with natural features and community facilities close at hand,' what we have is far from that."

A doctor's surgery was supposed to be situated in the development as well as a community hall after a former scout hut was knocked down as part of the redevelopment.

Mr Weir said: "The old doctors at Stirling Close was meant to take over but we've been left with a boarded up building site. There is still a makeshift service at the old site and it is terrible.

"I had to change surgery."

Mr Weir added that some trees have been planted but residents felt that was not good enough.

He said: “Residents have commented that they will never buy a new build again. People I know are very irritated by the whole situation.”

Rowan Park was redeveloped as part of a joint project with the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) and Crest Nicholson Homes.

Planning permission was approved in 2007 with development starting in early 2011. The development included 217 homes consisting of 131 family homes and 86 flats being built and the restoration of the locally listed school building into 27 flats.

A spokeswoman for Crest Nicholson said: “Maintaining a high-quality, contemporary site at Rowan Park is of paramount importance to us.

“We are aware that some residents have expressed concerns regarding the maintenance of the public open space and we are working to address this.

“Furthermore, we are working closely with the London Borough of Merton Council and the relevant bodies to deliver the community facilities as agreed under our Section 106.

“Talks are currently ongoing and we should have an update for residents shortly.”

A spokesman for the Merton Green Spaces team who have been involved in the practical assessment of the condition of the site said: "My team and I have principally been involved in the practical assessment of the condition of the site and the measures required to bring the site up to a general standard.

"The S106 agreement will cover far more than landscape issues, our on-site quality objectives have still to be achieved and after negotiations will now be delivered by the council itself and not directly by the estate developer as was the original expectation."