A scammer who posed as a police officer tricked his way into a 91-year-old man's home and stole cash.

The police were called yesterday (March 22) after two reports of people targeting vulnerable pensioners to con their way into their homes.

One scammer pretended to be a police officer and was able to search the 91-year-old man’s home in South Wimbledon getting away with cash and other items.

In the second case a woman in her late 80s also had cash taken from her home after a scammer pretended to be a public services worker who wanted to fit a smart meter into her home.

In a statement on Facebook, Merton Police said: “Scamming the elderly and vulnerable is a disgusting and cowardly crime and our Safer Neighbourhoods teams are trying to reach as many people as possible to offer help and advice to our residents.

“Join forces with us in stamping out this heinous crime and help your neighbours by making sure no one gets through the door.”

Merton Police are urging people to check in on elderly family members and urge people never to let anyone in without fully checking ID.