Tim Henman joined Raynes Park High School as it became the first state school to be an accredited Tim Henman Foundation, committed to raising the dreams of young people.

He joined the school in Bushey Road on March 16 along with Mayor of Merton Marsie Skette, Olympic gold medal field hockey player Crista Cullen and Lady Wimbledon.

As an accredited Tim Henman Foundation BECSLink Community the school works alongside national and local businesses, education charities and sports and arts organisations to provide resources and learning opportunities for young people.

Kirsten Heard, head teacher at Raynes Park High School said: “We are proud to become the first state school accredited as a BECSLink community.

“This has all been made possible through the vision of BECSLink and the Tim Henman Foundation and my team at our school.

“BECSLink’s role as the social mobility network together with their partners are helping us supply outstanding resources and learning opportunities for students and teachers not only from our school, but also from other local schools.”

Tim Henman, OBE said: “This day was all about the children, it was wonderful to see their enthusiasm in such a range of activities.

“I like to think they can achieve great things in the future.

“It’s important for youngsters to seize every opportunity and I’m pleased through my Foundation to give back in such a wonderful way in association with not only the scholarships but also in supporting further enrichment programmes with Raynes Park High School.”

Crista Cullen, Olympic gold medal field hockey player said: “It’s great to see the children engaging in a realm of different things from singing to tennis.

“It’s all part of creating well rounded individuals and giving opportunities to children who wouldn’t otherwise have them.”

Richard Garrett, CEO of BECSLink said: “Raynes Park High School will be the leading model for us in the state sector.

“Accredited BECSLink Communities become the heartbeat of an integrated community of business, education, charity and sports and arts organisations that want to address social mobility issues through creating opportunities for young people.”

As part of this initiative, the school has been given Tim Henman scholarships for talented youngster who may otherwise be prevented from pursing their talents due to lack of financial means with Mr Henman presenting the students with their scholarship.

The school has also been awarded a grant over three years by the Foundation to be awarded as scholarship to students.

Over 400 school children from other local schools also attended the school and participated in a range of activities including music workshops and also sporting activities.

Children from the following local primary schools participated, West Wimbledon, Green Lane, Kings Oak, Joseph Hood, Burlington and William Morris.