Access Self Storage Mitcham is launching its Easter chocolate egg campaign, where staff hope to fill a storage with chocolate eggs to donate to the Salvation Army.

People are invited to bring in donations into the store on Morden road any time before March 26 when a delivery will be made to the Salvation Army.

More than 3,800 chocolates eggs have been collected since the very first Access Self Storage Easter Egg Appeal in 2011- with more than 124 collected by Access Self Storage Mitcham last year alone with the store hoping to beat its 2017 record.

Nick Laming, Manager of Access Self Storage Mitcham said: “It was extraordinary to collect more than 120 easter eggs last year.

“Every donation came from amazing members of the community who dropped in to give their support and we practically filled a 30ft storage room with them.

“Now, it’s that time of year to ask for support again.

“If it’s no trouble to buy an extra chocolate Easter Egg, Kinder Egg or packet of Mini Eggs this Easter to give to individuals and families helped by the Salvation Army, then we’re open every day as a drip-off zone.”

Staff have already begun collecting eggs and people.

In 2017 more than 900 eggs were collected by Access Self Storage and shared among 10 charities across the UK including The Children’s Trust, Rennie Grove Hospice, Evelina London, the Children’s Adventure Farm Trust and The Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army provides charitable assistance to vulnerable people, families and the homeless in the area.