A live webcam has been set up to give people a close-up view of nesting peregrine falcons at Merton Civic Centre.

The falcons - the fastest birds in the world which can reach speeds of up to 200mph in flight - gave returned to the rooftops at the 14-storey council offices in Morden for the fourth year running to prepare to lay eggs and welcome new chicks in the spring.

This year, the birds have been gifted a new box from the London Peregrine Partnership. The nesting box has been designed to offer the peregrines protection from both the rain and the sunshine. It has bricks around the edge to assist the chicks to get back in the nest box should they fall out.

Birdwatchers and residents can witness around-the-clock footage of the falcons on the council website, which will chronicle the key movements of the baby chicks and adult birds. This will include the crucial fledgling period, when the chicks grow strong enough to fly the nest.

Last year four chicks put their wings and feathers to the test and took flight from the Civic Centre roof, with their journey being captured by a CCTV camera and live streaming.

The female normally lays three or four eggs in late March or April, which hatch about a month later. The chicks fledge at 38 to 44 days old.