Wimbledon BookFest is launching its annual Young Writers competition with the theme for this year's competition being 'Monster'.

The March 1 launch has been scheduled to tie in with World Book Day.

Students are encouraged to be as imaginative in their approach to the theme as possible.

The competition is open to both primary and secondary schools and is divided into age group categories.

Students can enter either a short story or a poem and with the deadline for entries being May 4.

Ian Kinanem, a lecturer in English at University of Roehampton, said: “Everyone has their own idea of what makes a monster for some people, monsters are seen as frightening figures for others monsters can be friendly.

“To some, monsters can be people in the real world while to others, it sometimes feels as though the monster exist inside our own heads.

“What makes a monster? Where do monsters lie? We leave it to you to find out.”

The panel of judges include authors, professional writers, teachers, booksellers and representatives from the University of Roehampton.

The prize giving ceremony will take place during the Wimbledon BookFest from October 4 to14.