Transport for London has changed its controversial ‘Please hold on, the bus is about to move’ announcement - but people still aren’t happy.

A new warning message was introduced on London buses at the beginning of the year telling passengers to hold on.

People complained about the announcement being annoying and patronising.

There was also the issue of the announcement not playing at the right time, as it was repeatedly being heard up to 10 seconds after the bus had started to move on.

TfL has now responded with a new announcement which says: “Please hold on while the bus is moving.”

But, bearing in mind people have been using buses for many years now, it is difficult to see the point in this message besides 'ealth and safety.

One man on Twitter said: "TfL finally tried to fix its announcement. It now says: “Please hold on while the bus is moving.” Now I can finally die happy (ish)."

Another said: "@tfl the “please hold on whilst the bus is moving” is a pathetic admission that these new announcements don’t work. If you don’t know to hold on before you board the bus you shouldn’t be using it. Please stop this pointless noise pollution."

A woman very obviously not impressed said: "“Please hold on while the bus is moving”. Seriously? You think we don’t know it?! This message is even more annoying than the previous one! #tfl #London"

And last but certainly not least: "I see that @tfl have changed their arse-covering disclaimer announcement to "Please hold on while the bus is moving". Well done them! But I don't think it's enough - what about seat belts, a 'no standing' rule and a trained Health and Safety Officer on every bus?"

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