A Raynes Park football club has started a fundraiser for a member of their team who died tragically with his girlfriend.

Old Tenisonians FC member Fabian Bermudez, 21, from Wembley died on November 30 after he and his girlfriend went to Harrow Viewpoint car park to admire the views.

Fabian and his girlfriend were found asleep at the Viewpoint and at this stage the cause of death is still unknown and is under investigation.

His club donated more than £200 last weekend.

The proceeds will go towards a memorial bench which will be placed at the Viewpoint for all of his and his girlfriend Asia's family and friends to visit and pay their respects.

A friend of Fabian’s who met him St Gregory’s school in Kenton recalls how it still doesn’t feel real not having him around.

Stuart Watson, 21, said: “I can’t explain how I felt when I found out he died it didn’t feel real.

“I’ve known Fabian for nine or ten years - he played three matches for the team. He was a very honest person and always spoke his mind and was very selfless.”

Fabian who worked full-time repairing buses, turned 21 this August and according to his coach was a very skilful and talented young player.

Old Tenisonians coach Scott Berry said: “He was a very talented young player, fast and skilful with a very good touch.

“He played for us two years ago when we were short of players as Stuart Watson brought him down, he came back this year and had been back a couple of months.

“His last game was in a top of the table clash in which he got the assist for the winning goal which we scored just before final whistle, this pass was his last touch.”

His shocking sudden death has rocked the team and his coach recalls how he will be a massive loss to his team.

Mr Berry said: “ He is a big loss to the team and all the boys were shocked and deeply saddened to hear.

“I was very shocked it happened and still am now, I only knew him through football over the brief period but was very close to him.”

Fabian’s funeral was held in Hendon on Monday (December 11).