A housing development to help former members of the armed forces get to grips with civvy street have opened in Morden.

The eight one-bedroom homes at Parry Court have been funded by the Libor fines scheme and will primarily help service leavers settle into civilian life or after a period of instability or unemployment. It was opened by Lieutenant General Richard Nugee, the Chief of Defence People.

The development was commissioned by the UK’s top Veterans housing charity, the Haig Housing Trust at a cost of £1.4m which was part of the £14.6m received from the Veterans Accommodation Fund.

The site in Morden is known as the Café site as it’s on the grounds of a disused café and warden’s house and will consist of eight one-bedroom houses.

The Trust’s chief executive Brigadier James Richardson said: “The need for veterans housing is increasing and we are looking at ways to build or acquire more properties to help.

“Ideally, we would seek to do this nationally but we are constrained by the availability of sites. Using land we already own in Morden is the most sensible option for new homes and we now have plans to build a variety of additional homes on the estate for members of the ex-Service community including those who have been seriously injured. “

He added: “The development will provide a safe environment and will benefit from the excellent community links, transport and schools.”