A team of dedicated volunteers have spent a day clearing rubbish and working on a playing field which could have saved a Merton football club.

The volunteers from building company Kisiel Group worked on much-needed repairs at Raynes Park Vale Football Club off Grand Drive last Saturday (November 25).

They cleared brambles and overgrown vegetation around the football pitch, re-positioned the existing boundary fence behind the floodlights and removed several skip loads of rubbish from the grounds.

More than 100 metres of new fencing, donated by Kisiel Group, was installed.

Without the intervention of volunteers, club chairman Paul Bentley said the club would have ceased next year.

He said: “They have done more than just cleared leaves. Our league gave us a ground repair list to maintain our league status. This had to be done by December 31 or the club would have folded collapsing three senior teams and 30 junior teams.

“They have undertaken the whole rebuilding project from cutting back brambles, replacing the fences, repairing the stand seating area and making the ground safe and secure. Refurbing the outside toilets and generally making good everywhere.

“Without their intervention Raynes Park Vale FC would have ceased to be as of January 1, 2018. An unbelievable effort, we owe them everything."

Lukasz Kisiel, managing director of the Raynes Park-based building company said he believes in supporting the local community and was keen to help when approached by RPVFC.

Lukasz Kisiel said: “I am very proud of my team for volunteering to use their construction skills for our local football club.

“They are my ‘heroes in action’ helping the local community to make our environment even more enjoyable for both RPVFC and other members of the public who use the surrounding area for recreational activities.”