Residents living in a block of bedsits in Mitcham which has been described as a "deathtrap" were invited to Parliament by their local MP to hear a debate about sub-standard accommodation.

Thirty residents of Connect House, a former office block, on Willow Lane, were taken by coach to the House of Commons to meet Siobhain McDonagh, MP for Mitcham and Morden.

Among their concerns, as revealed in a YouTube documentary last week, are the smell from the adjacent industrial estate, as well as dust from it, which one resident said had caused breathing problems in her child. Lorries travelling to and from the industrial estate pose a road safety risk, while the cramped accommodation means family members often have to share a bed.

Connect House is home to around 80 homeless families who are being temporarily rehoused there by several London councils on a night-by-night basis. But Ms McDonagh says there are some who have lived their for two years.

The documentary, made by Silverfish Media, features interviews with residents as well as Ms McDonagh, who said: “The purpose of this video is to show you just how people and children are living."

She added: "Connect House is a multi-million pound death trap in the heart of an industrial estate.

“Lorries, vans and machinery are simply unsuitable and dangerous for neighbours.

“This is, quite simply, an accident waiting to happen.”

Others residents complain of litter and damp at the property, which is managed by Easy Management Ltd.

One residents said: "I've travelled the world and been to some of the poorest countries. I've walked around the favelas in Brazil and the people there are happier than those who live here. I would rather be poor in a poor country than poor in this country."

But Easy Management Ltd director Sam Adler described the documentary as “misleading” and said Connect House was fully compliant with legal and environmental regulations.

In a letter addressed to Ms McDonagh, he said he was disappointed she had sought publicity rather than any "meaningful engagement" with his company.

He said: “You are well aware that Connect House is fully compliant with all the relevant regulations. You are well aware that its room sizes, bathroom and kitchen facilities are well within the legal framework; sanitary and health requirements and all fire and safety regulations are fully up to date. You are well that everything that relates to this property is as the law requires."

Addressing concerns about litter, Mr Adler said the property was cleaned throughout the week. He said: “A small minority of irresponsible tenants feel the need to engage in anti-social behaviour and dump rubbish.

Mr Adler said his company had no jurisdiction over traffic matters.