A pre-school in Merton has been rated 'outstanding' in an Ofsted report.

Bow Lane Pre-school in Bow Lane, Morden, wowed inspectors when they visited on July 13 this year.

The pre-school, which charges between £4.85 and £5.45 an hour, was rated outstanding in four out of four categories.

Manager Zoe Pearson, 27, said Bow Lane had been rated outstanding before but when the owner changed it to a limited company Ofsted gave them a new number and the rating was lost.

Ms Pearson said: "The first time we were rated outstanding I couldn’t believe it. I was just training to be manager at the time.

"I knew we were great but it was wonderful to hear that all our hard work had paid off.

"This time was different because the inspector didn’t want to speak to the owner, she wanted to speak to me. Everything was on me so I was petrified!

"When the rating came through I felt ecstatic. Its so hard to keep an outstanding rating but to get it again was brilliant.

"We told parents and children on our picnic day.

"We were given cakes and treats and bottles of wine to celebrate by parents. We had a very good Friday night!"

The inspector assessed the 'quality of teaching, learning and assessment' at the school.

The inspector said: "Staff plan and provide an exceptional range of high-quality, innovative learning


Ms Pearson said: "I think we do well because we have a really strong team and we all work together well.

"We build good relationships through stay and plays. Basically, we go the extra mile and we care.

In the report, the inspector praised the management of the school. The inspector said: "The provider and manager are united in their commitment to maintaining an excellent

provision. Their enthusiasm and dedication are immense."

Ms Pearson said: "The owner, Gaye Hooker, has trained us all so well. She wants everything to be perfect and now we know why.

"I want to thank her for giving me a chance and guiding me the whole way through. She’s taught me everything I know."