A Wimbledon pub is offering free Christmas dinners to anyone who is on their own at Christmas.

The Alexandra pub in Wimbledon Hill Road – known as ‘The Alex’ to regulars – is asking anyone who finds themselves alone on Christmas Day to come in for a free turkey roast and a drink, and a chance to make some new friends.

General manager Mick Dore said they have been overwhelmed with the support for their idea, with regulars and suppliers providing enough donations to cover the free dinners and customers even volunteering to work for free on Christmas Day in order to help out.

Mr Dore said: “We just thought it would be a nice thing to do. We will make a fuss of them, make sure they are well fed and sit and have a chat and a drink with them.

Wimbledon Times:

A poster in the Alex advertising the free Christmas meals

“We won’t turn away anyone who turns up. It tends to be older people who are on their own, but it can be people who suddenly have their train home cancelled or something. We’re not aiming it at homeless people, but they’re welcome too.

“People tend to be a bit proud about this sort of thing, and would rather sit at home on their own than tell people they are lonely.  

“It’s not just about a free plate of food but making a fuss of them and introducing them to each other so they can have a chat and hopefully make some new friends.”

Mr Dore has been in touch with local churches and other organisations to try and spread the word and encourage as many people as possible to come in on Christmas Day, but said he would be happy even if only a small number of people turn up on the day.

He added: “Even if we just get a dozen people, if they are people that would have otherwise been sat at home, sad and on their own, then it’s worth it.

 “We aren’t after any more donations. Instead of offering money or anything else, if people want to help they should have a think about someone who they know will be on their own at Christmas, and make sure they tell them to come in and see us. We have the food ready, we just need them!

“No one wants to sit and eat dinner on their own at Christmas. Hopefully at the very least we can give them a nice day.”

The Alex will be open from 12.30pm until 4pm on Christmas Day.