A wealthy music promoter who worked with the Beatles, Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton used his fame to rape and sexually assault young girls, a court heard.

Mervyn Conn, now 81, offered one teenage girl a lift home in his Rolls Royce - but instead took her to his own house and raped her, Kingston Crown Court was told.

The court heard the victim, then just 15, felt like she'd been treated "like a rag doll."

Another teenager was promised tickets to a country music concert but when she went to pick them up from his office Conn raped her, it is alleged.

Mark Milliken-Smith, prosecuting, said Conn was well-known for promoting star-studded country and western concerts at Wembley Arena and Earls Court.

But Mr Milliken-Smith said: "He used his position, and the power that came with it, to abuse three young girls who should have been able to trust him, but each of whom, in different ways, suffered at his hands."

The 15-year-old was subjected to multiple attacks in 1976 when Conn would perform degrading sex acts on her, the court was told.

Conn, dressed in a blue suit, sat in the dock with his eyes shut tightly as the court heard harrowing details of the alleged sexual abuse.

The court heard that on one occasion Conn offered the girl a lift in his Rolls Royce, but instead took her to his house and raped her.

Mr Milliken-Smith said: "She described feeling like a rag doll, feeling out of her body, 'dumbstruck' and 'holding back tears.'

"She recalls getting back in the car so he might drive her home. They hardly spoke during the journey.

"He seemed to get lost and she remembers being dropped off at a roundabout and somehow got herself home from there."

Nine years later Conn, then aged 51, raped a 16-year-old girl at his London office, the court heard.

Conn had met her in a grocers in Southfields and gave her his number, promising concert tickets if she gave him a call.

When she went to collect the 'tickets' she was raped - but Conn would still visit her and tell her to come to his office, the court heard.

Mr Milliken-Smith said: "The same thing would happen again.

"He would start touching her, and if she tried to push his hands away he would tell her she was a silly girl.

"They had sex on these occasions but she never wanted it to happen, feeling compelled by him to do so.

"She felt she had no choice, that she couldn't say no. He of course was 51, she 16, he a famous and powerful man."

Mr Milliken-Smith added: "He had effectively tricked this young 16-year-old girl into coming to his office under the guise of obtaining free tickets for a concert.

"He forced himself upon her, fully aware that she was not consenting, utterly unconcerned with her age and the impact which his actions had upon her there and then, nor for any concern for the long-term effects his conduct would have.

"He thought only of his own sexual gratification.

"She had made it absolutely plain to him that she did not consent and he knew that full well - he couldn't have cared less."

When questioned by police, Conn made no comment about the 16-year-old, but admitted kissing the 15-year-old after she had asked for Jonny Cash tickets.

The jury heard that after Conn's arrest in 2014 another woman came forward.

She told police Conn plunged his hands down her top and groped her breasts during a job interview in the 1970s when she was in her early 20s.

She told police: "He was really the big guy who used to bring all the American country music acts over to Wembley.

"I went to Wembley and I would see girls looking glamorous in their cowboy hats and boots and wanted to do the same, so an interview was arranged with him."

It was at the 'interview', in one of his London offices, that Conn allegedly groped the young woman.

She said: "I was dumbstruck.

"He was a very glamorous person, and it doesn't seem like a lot to people but it was really bad for me."

Explaining why she didn't report the incident to police, she added: "I think it was because he was powerful. He brought in Dolly Parton and all those big people."

Conn, 81, of Convent Way, Wimbledon, denies three counts of indecent assault, two of rape, and attempting to commit buggery on a girl under the age of 16.

The trial continues.