We gave five of the best tennis apps on the Google app store a go on our Android phone to help you make the most of Wimbledon fever.

The Championships, Wimbledon - Free

The official app is invaluable. It tells you the latest championships news, the weather in Wimbledon, counts down to the day you plan to visit and helps you plan, let’s you know who is playing and how they’re getting on and is packed with stats and videos for all of your favourite players.

Tennis 3D – Free

If watching on the telly is too passive but getting out and swinging a racket about is too active then you’ll be needing a good game. And let’s be honest, you can’t play actual tennis on the train even if you want to.

Tennis 3D doesn’t have any licences so you have to play as people called Dimotov and Anaju, who I don’t think are actual tennisers. What the game does have, though, are pleasing graphics for a phone screen and a not-too-fiddly control system that meant even I could hit the ball back, serve, slice and top spin.

It has options for quick play and tournaments and clay, hard court and grass surfaces – the latter looking nicely like the All England Club.

 Pat Cash Tennis Coaching

If you’re like us, you’re game could probably do with a little (Ok, a lot) of work. And who better than tips from former Wimbledon champ Pat Cash. It’s totally free, which is awesome.

This little gem has so many videos to stream or download, broken down into technique, essential tips and drills for all standards and monthly tips. It also has exclusive interviews and a little summary of Cash’s career highlights. Good to know Cash still wears that checked bandana, too.

Tennis In Your Face - £1.99

A highly addictive cartoon-style patformer where you play as disgraced champ Pete Pagassi trying to find the source of the addictive (and presumably illegal) Explodz drink, serving balls at evil clowns etc to get through the levels. Good distracting, vaguely tennis, fun just like the old-school classic games like Angry Birds. Not sure it’s worth paying for, though?

Stick Tennis - Free

If you love the classic and highly addictive Stick Cricket, you should love Stick Tennis, right? Damn right. Considering you’re controlling a stick man, the graphics are good. You can nominally be Andy Murray et al (I mean, they obviously bear little resemblance) and it’s simple to pick up and play but tricky to master.

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