After reading a few articles this week, debating the etiquette and size of Televisions I thought it would be good to talk about some of the options available to hide them away when they are not in use.

First of all are the various forms of motorised furniture available, where a TV is hidden out of view and then raised by an automatic lift mechanism when turned on.

This option is great in situations where furniture is a welcome addition to the room and are often used at the end of beds.

A more recent option is the art TV. Here your TV sits within a frame containing a canvas art print that retracts up into the frame to reveal the TV hidden underneath. Various frames and prints are available to ensure that it fits the decor of its surroundings.

Mirrors can also be used to hide your TV. By using a magnetic coating on the back of the glass the mirror hides the TV, discreetly blending in within the room. Once the TV is turned on the picture from the TV is passed through the glass to display within the mirror.

This enables you to truly disguise your televisions anywhere that a mirror would look good.

Finally using a similar technology, you can put your TV into a glass wall or a kitchen splashback, a great looking and stylish way to hide your kitchen TV.

Written by Mark Evans from Digitalised, a home technology company based in Epsom. Go to

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