In the first in a new fortnightly column, expert Mark Evans from Epsom-based home technology company Digitalised lifts the lid on the latest fitness trackers.

With the arrival of Spring comes a desire to get fit for the summer so this week we look at some of the fitness trackers available.

We start with the Fitbit One, a small wireless tracker that can clip to your clothing and provide you with the basic tracking information. It can be used for step and stair tracking plus the ability to monitor your sleep if worn with the band provided. Priced £79.99

Next up is the Garmin Vívosmart HR, this can track steps, floors climbed, distance, calories burned and the total minutes you have been active throughout the day. It can be paired with your smartphone to display notifications as well as provide music and camera remote-controls. It is also able to monitor your heartrate to provide you with both resting and workout readings. Priced £119.99

Our final gadget is the TomTom Spark Cardio + Music, a sports watch with built in GPS, heart rate monitoring and wireless music playback. It can track your steps, active minutes and calories burnt. Great for runners, cyclists and gym users enabling them to track exercise and listen to music without having to take your smartphone along for the ride. Priced £189.99

Written by Mark Evans from Digitalised, a home technology company based in Epsom.


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