Residents had a shock this afternoon, as a huge sinkhole apparently appeared suddenly in the middle of a main street. 

Wimbledon Times:

The hole, which seems to have suddenly appeared at about 1pm today, takes up the middle of a stretch of Cavendish Road in Colliers Wood. 

Concerned neighbours have placed recycling boxes around the sinkhole to warn drivers and cyclists.

Wimbledon Times:

Writing on the Facebook group 'Colliers Wood News and Views', Councillor Nick Draper said the cause of the sinkhole was the collapse of the rainwater sewer in the middle of the road. 

He said: "The manhole next to it is blocked: the hole is just the outward manifestation of something bigger. 

"The council are getting Thames Water involved as I write. I expect Cavendish Road will be access only for a good while."

Wimbledon Times:

A spokesman from Merton council said: "The council has arranged for emergency works to be carried out to make the site safe. 

"Until Thames Water attend and repair the collapse there will be no through access, residential access will be maintained, and a diversion has been put in place."

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