South London’s 'King of Pop' and self-proclaimed Lord of the Lobsters has released a Christmas dance hit.

Brixton-based performer Lekiddo’s new single It’s Christmas (I bet you don’t know what I’ll bring you) is a passionate ode to the festive season, 80s disco, and lobsters. Crustaceans feature heavily in Lekiddo’s music which he describes as “uplifting joyous pop”.

Lekiddo - who was born in Ridgeway, Wimbledon, and live in Wandsworth -  first performed his Christmas hit at Glastonbury to a crowd of revellers wearing Santa hats and pinching their lobster claws. His performance got a five star review in the Guardian.

“It went lobsterliciously well,” said Lekiddo. “The reaction was incredible. People were mentioning the Dalai Lama and Lekiddo in the same breath.”

He wanted to write a Christmas song as “It’s such a magical time of the year and made me want to write a feel good and uplifting tune.”

The song appeared on iTunes at the start of December and has been met with a great reaction. Natalia Kinsey of Culture Tiger said: “’It’s Christmas’ deserves to sit with the festive classics of Mariah Carey and Wizzard on party playlists everywhere.”

Lekkido is headlining at dance festival Ver uit de Maat in Rotterdam on 20 December. In 2016 he hopes to spread the lobster joy further. After this year’s success Glastonbury is “definitely on the cards,” said Lekkido. “There’s a strong call for it.”

Download the song, here.

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