Crossrail 2 has published new proposals revealing the time-scale of the planned major work in Wimbledon town centre, which includes the demolition of Centre Court Shopping Centre, Wimbledon Bridge House and some homes, and may last for up to 11 years.

The major works will make way for 30 Crossrail 2 trains per hour passing through Wimbledon station, and include adding four extra platforms to cater for an expected 3,000 extra peak time commuters.

More clarification about the phasing of the building was given at a business forum held by Love Wimbledon on Wednesday, November 18, and attended by Crossrail 2 managing director Michelle Dix and representatives from over 80 businesses, council senior management, local councillors and the Merton Chamber of Commerce.

October 30: Parts of Wimbledon town centre including Centre Court Shopping Centre could be demolished to make way for Crossrail 2

However, BID Manager at Love Wimbledon, Helen Clark Bell, is still not convinced by the proposals.

She said: "The work is not all going to happen at once. We couldn’t let them.

"I don’t think that ‘reassured’ is the word I would use. We have a lot more clarity now and we have a lot more understanding of what their proposals are, and how they have reached them.

"I’m still very concerned about the disruption to businesses and economic vibrancy in Wimbledon town centre when the development takes place. I’m very concerned, and businesses share that concern."

The proposals suggest that the first phase, which will last for approximately a year, will concentrate on building a new bridge across the railway to the north of the station, where the Everyday Church currently stands.

Wimbledon Times:

According to the plans, the second stage, which will last approximately three years, involves preparing the work sites to the south of the station. This will include moving the tram to street level, as well as "the removal of various commercial properties including Wimbledon Bridge House, as well as some residential property".

They add: "We are striving to minimise impacts to residential property, and stress that plans are at an early stage."

Wimbledon Times:

The landmark Wimbledon Bridge House contains seven floors of offices and a 300 space multi-storey car park. The plans suggest that both the building and the car park will be demolished, but adds the site will be brought back into use once construction is completed.

The third stage, which is estimated to last between three and four years, will involve work on the Centre Court Shopping Centre as the Crossrail 2 station is constructed.

The new proposals state that Centre Court will "not necessarily" be entirely demolished, but estimate that around 60 per cent of the shopping centre will be unavailable for up to four years.

Wimbledon Times:

It adds: "Options are being considered to reinstate the rest of the site before the station opens in 2030."

The final phase, lasting three years, involves the completion of the station and "a development" above it.

Wimbledon Times:

CEO of Merton Chamber of Commerce, Diana Sterck, said: "The development of businesses and their needs must be taken into account in this area.

"It is a priority, and we need to maintain jobs and businesses during the build."

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