He has been to co-creator and writer of some of television’s best-loved comedies but it’s time for Andy Hamilton to step away from his desk once again.

The man behind (and alongside writing partner Guy Jenkin) Outnumbered, What We Did On Our Holiday, Drop the Dead Donkey and Ballot Monkeys is out on tour with his stand-up comedy show Change Management, which comes to Blackheath Halls on Saturday, November 28.

Andy, who lives in Wimbledon, told us: “Writing is the main job. In the day when you had your profession on your passport, it said writer.

“But it’s quite deskbound so I do enjoy getting out and larking around on stage and having direct, more personal contact with the people that watch Outnumbered or listen to me as Satan on Old Harry’s Game or stuff like that.

“It’s a really nice way of reminding yourself that there are people out there. When you do a show and they tell you you got 3.25 million viewers for the last episode, it’s a nice feeling but you don’t tangibly meet those people.

“To actually go out and entertain them is a privilege.”

Change Management is about the ways in which our world has changed over Andy’s lifetime.

The 61-year-old said: “We’re all getting older but it’s not a grumpy old man show.

“It’s just looking at social change that I have noticed in my lifetime and trying to separate the positive from the negative or trying to work out the stuff that looks like change but actually turned out not to be change, really.

“My priority is that people laugh and have a good time. It has been quite interesting for me because it has made me sit down and think about what has changed.”

Rather than feeling nostalgic for the past or especially optimistic about the present, Andy takes a more sober view.

He said: “My nan used to say ‘there’s always something’ and I think that’s true.

“When I was little, the Cold War was at its height. That was a huge thing, living in the shadow of global annihilation but actually every generation has some kind of shadow lurking.

“Now we’ve got ISIS. I think people don’t change, people are fundamentally the same but there are developments.”

As well as his award-winning writing projects, Andy is also a regular on TV and radio.

As well as regular roles as Satan in Old Harry’s Game on Radio 4 and the voice of Dr Elephant on Peppa Pig, he frequently appears on panel shows such as Have I Got News For You, QI, The News Quiz and I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue.

He is also writing a book and last week announced he had plans for a one-off Outnumbered special.

But he confessed, he doesn’t plan to be so busy – he’s just grateful the work is still there.

He said: “I don’t always know when the work is going to come. Sometimes I am very busy, sometimes I am surprisingly unbusy.

“At the moment I’m busy, touch wood. I don’t really have a plan, it just depends on the colour of the lights. If you get a lot of greens all at once it is best just to put your foot down.”

Andy Hamilton’s Change Management is at Blackheath Halls on Saturday, November 28. Tickets cost £20 or £18 concessions. Go to trinitylaban.ac.uk/Blackheath-halls or call 020 8463 0100.