A childminder and mother has been spent almost every weekend for the past 10 months involved in eye-catching protests against the fur trade, including baring all for the cause.

Heidi Mary Porter, 38, who is a full-time childminder, has organised three “naked” demonstrations since Nove-mber last year to show “she would rather bare skin than wear skin”.

On Saturdays from 10am to 1pm, she organises protests in Knightsbridge outside Harrods, which sells items made from real animal fur.

The Wimbledon mother-of-two said: “We also protest outside Harvey Nicks against its decision to sell real fur and have staged other animal rights protests outside independent shops in Knightsbridge still selling real fur.

“Protesting outside restaurants selling foie gras is also something we do from time to time, as the production of real fur and foie gras is illegal in this country.”

Wimbledon Times:

A vegetarian since she was 13, and now a vegan, Ms Porter was a long-term suporter of animal rights group Peta, but decided to establish her own organisation FBI Animals as she disagreed with some of Peta’s actions.

As well as naked protests, her group dresses in “flesh-and-blood” suits, produces hard-hitting anti-fur banners and urges passersby to boycott department stores that sell real fur.

Ms Porter said: “I have also written and self-published an educational book for children that exposes the truth about the fur trade.

“My plan is to donate a copy to every school in the country – 25,000 copies in total.

“I have already sent a copy to every school in Merton.

“It is not hard work organising protests, you just need a voice and the correct knowledge. “In all honesty, the hardest aspect about it is getting large numbers together.

“Numbers on a protest range from as many as 30 down to just me.”

Harrods was not available for comment.