For the third year running, we at Merton Palestine Solidarity Campaign have asked our MP Stephen Hammond to meet us on June 23 as part of a national lobby of Parliament on the continuing crisis in Palestine and for the third year running he has refused to see us.

His response through his wife and secretary, Sally Hammond was peremptory.

I quote: "I understand your position but Stephen feels that he is well enough briefed and a meeting is not necessary."

We are naturally frustrated and angered by this reply particularly in light of events which took place over last summer when Gaza was bombarded by Israel leaving over 2,000 Palestinians dead including over 400 children.

We have many people in our organisation who have recently visited Palestine and witnessed the suffering of the Palestinian people at first hand.

We feel that his 'briefing' cannot be complete without this perspective.

An MP surely has a duty to listen to the views of his constituents and in order for our politicians to participate fully in the debate on Palestine, they will need to hear views from all of their constituents, not just the ones they choose to listen to.

Yours faithfully,

David Carrier


Merton Palestine Solidarity Campaign