What could be more British than tennis, pristine green lawns, strawberries and cream?

Standing in line, it seems - as hundreds of foreigners and Brits flocked to Wimbledon Park to marvel at British sport at its best.

"It's all about the queuing", said former Wimbledon ballboy Matthew Robinson as he basked in the sun in a perfectly-ordered line on day one of the tournament.

"They even give you a guide on how to queue. How British is that! We have got to produce the gospel on queuing."

Wimbledon Times:

L-R: Amateur poet Conor Strachan and former ballboy Matthew Robinson

The 29-year-old former Wimbledon College pupil, who now works for Apple, dressed up in John McEnroe costume with Surbiton music teacher Conor Strachan, who was so inspired by the queue he composed a poem about it.

They were among hundreds of tennis fans beginning their journey to the All England Lawn Tennis Club via the Revelstoke Road entrance to Wimbledon Park, where they are given a numbered queue card and a queuing guide.

Wimbledon Times:

Queuing pros: Wimbledon ballboys line up inside the All England Lawn Tennis Club 

The guide includes "The Queue Code of Conduct", with strict rules against gazebos, queue-jumping and food delivery pick-up points.

Campers eager to be first in line are warned of a 6am wake-up call from stewards who will ask them to dismantle camping equipment and get lined up in a tight formation before day-visitors arrive.

Once your line has been called, park queuers who have arrived early enough will be called to join a new queue, which leads them to the Club via a host of entertainment including mock tennis court and food stalls.

Wimbledon Times:

In love with the queue: L-R Carlos Nicastro and Bob Barr

"I love this, I love the queue, the order there is here", said retired Argentinian architect Bob Barr, who queued yesterday with theatre director Carlos Nicastro.

"We've been to the French Open and the US Open but it's not like this."

Wimbledon Times:

Joining the queue in the next two weeks?

Here are our tips:

- Be there early. Non-campers start arriving in large numbers from 6am, so if you're there after 9am, you are unlikely to get in.

- Follow @Wimbledon for updates via the hashtag #Queue. The AELTC is tweeting updates for the first time this year warning people when the queue is at full capacity.

- Bring a rug and plenty of water and sun protection so you can sit comfortably on the grass while you wait.

- Thermos flasks, selfie sticks and slogan T-shirts are all prohibited on the grounds.

- And keep in touch with the news from the courts @ylgsport

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